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Aerobic Exercise Examples

Cause of regular exercise your body to make adjustments, which must best result in health and physical function. If you do a regular aerobic workout, you improve to use your cardiovascular capacity by increasing the ability to carry oxygen. In the season, we will show some aerobic exercise examples.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

The Aerobic has been made by two Greek words namely Aero "(air) and, bios" (life). Therefore, "aerobic" means "air in order to survive" (eg, bacteria can be aerobic or anaerobic, depending on whether oxygen is a prerequisite for survival). So that aerobic exercise examples are one of the most important exercises

In 1968, an American physician Invented called KH Coopers the term "aerobics." It is a form of exercise that pumps heart-driven oxygenated blood, which in turn provides oxygen to the muscles.

Regular exercise ensures this heart and lungs stronger medium and an efficient cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) compared to the supply of oxygen in the body.

Why do We need this Training?

To improve the overall function of the lungs, which reduces the risk of increased heart disease, thereby improving good cholesterol and lowering blood pressure to include some of the benefits of resting aerobic training heart rate? A person can improve fitness and lose weight through aerobic workout your cardiovascular.
If a person suffers from a health problem such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes or hypertension, before starting an aerobic drill program consult your doctor to make sure that you are not limited in the type of exercises that can do or how long you can perform exercises.

It is best aerobic exercise examples to warm up. To slowly increase the intensity and rhythm of the movements, the individual can gradually increase the blood circulation and reduce the risk of injury. After aerobic breathing, it is best to finish a session slowly and safely to reduce the cooling of blood flow and stretch the muscles.

Best aerobic Workout

  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling


You know that needed a machine for rowing exercise. At first sit on the rowing machine where will get a seat, after that setup your machine as need. Take the position fit your feet in design on the machine and bind the feet belt. Your position is ok then grip the handle tightly. Bend the leg and come close to the machine. Then Create presser on the leg then you will go back automatically then tension handle mightily for you. Again come close to machine straightly and again presser on the leg and tension the handle. You have to do the processing frequently. During the exercise keep straight your chest and tension the handle along with chest.

Rowing Exercise

Don’t be fast in the rowing exercising slowly come and go. You can increase your speed by degrees but not more. The submaximal paddle allows your body to absorb enough oxygen, break down carbohydrates and fats, and generate energy to feed your workout continuously. Submaximal aerobic drain much of the energy from the fats and gradually become more carbohydrate as the intensity increases. During this workout, you need a lot of calories because you have to work hard. So that is not bad to take a high calorie protein shake.


Running is an effective aerobic exercise example. Our bone loses the power by degrees as our age. We can sustain some power in our bone in the last age by running now. Always running is a powerful way to make the strongest bone. Our muscle gets strongest by running. It is shown in a study that when our muscle tissue is damaged then we can revive the damaged tissue by more running. We have to consume extra protein and calorie food and drinks during running because of that there is needed the best recovery supplement for boosting extra energy.

Running Exercise

Exposed in another research, aerobic contribute to stork reduction, cancer preventing, as well as a metabolic disorder, in addition to diabetes. It makes our bones stronger. All are exercise those special to lose weight as running develop bone," more thing from Arthur Weltman, especially weaken our bones, running can help keep the bones in your legs healthy." Somebody runs every day to lose weight and build muscle but that is not so easy if you reach the goal then you have to have a protein shake to lose weight and toning or a muscle gainer like body fortress mass gainer.


We see many people are walking in the morning of different aged. Actually walking is the best aerobic exercise examples to be healthy. Walking exercise is always good for us because it maintains our cardio-vascular strengthens the heart and lungs and increase body fitness.

It can help to control our over body weight and tone up muscles. If we diet and walk it brings to us the best result to weight loss and well survive.

Morning Walk

Dr. Craig Williams a sports science lecturer at the University of Exeter says: 'Walking can develop better muscle gradually as well as its strength, especially for the lower body fitness. It’s a moderate exercise so people can do easily. To make a healthy bone there is no pair of walking. It also helps to develop circulation. Some researchers say that if you continue walking then don’t need any workout to keep healthy because walking is such an exercise that mobilize your every joint of the body. So you can set a plan to be healthy and lose overweight with walking.

And they also said: "Because of its low impact, it does not have the same potential for injuries as the race, but it can provide all the benefits.


The bike is my best choice. I think most people like to ride a bike. A perfect activity for the weekend would be to take the family on a nice bike ride. You can combine your routes in ways that never grow old: biking on the beach, in a park or even across the mountains, if you are extremely adventurous. Cycling is the perfect exercise when you're on vacation as you can observe unknown landscapes while preparing for a workout. You can also join a cycling group and even make friends and create your own cycling club.

Cycling Exercise

You can also use a stationary bike in a gym or buy one for your home and get the same benefits for health and fitness. Another great way to tune your training routine is to participate in a spinning class. This class offers you an intense cycling experience and the opportunity to follow an experienced instructor who will challenge you and burn the maximum amount of calories. The class, which lasts at least an hour, combines challenging climbing with short sprints and is the best exercise of cycling. Each bike contains a button that controls the intensity so you can add and remove the selected resistance.

This does not mean that the low-value aerobic intensity. As explained below, they have their place. However, if you are the highest level to burn body fat in the least amount of time, a higher intensity aerobics seem to be the best method. We now turn to the advantages of high intensity aerobic versus low intensity. If you are really an athlete need a workout supplement because your daily meal can't cover the workout energy so you can choose a cheapest pre workout supplement for better performance.

Other Aerobics Exercise without Equipment

Like me, I think there are many people who really believe in the effectiveness of aerobic training and muscle tone. There is plenty of popular aerobic training you can bring and you feel good, but some of us just about aerobic workouts you know from the comfort of our homes can do - and even without the use of the equipment. Most of the breathing exercises that are popular are, we educate aerobic training on the treadmill and other equipment, but this contribution does not require any equipment before it can be done.

Here are a few of these exercises listed and how can we do some of them to ensure we get the best of them. For some of the exercises, all you need is a step in your home and a jump rope. It very well if you do not have the rope to jump, you can use an imaginary rope, works. Read, enjoy and have fun. You will get that mentioned training is really the best aerobic exercise examples.

For Warm-Up

To do warm-ups, you go to:

  • Mars instead: they fly about two minutes at a time before going
  • Step Ups: this for another two minutes at the staircase or a small bank, then;
  • Jump rope: the rope jump for two minutes, then for the last warm-up exercise to go;
  • Stretch: You go the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and inner thighs stretch as the final warm-up exercise, then rest for two minutes before the proper training to occur.

Here is a list of all the aerobic Training you can do at a time:

  • Jumps and cross connectors for 2 minutes
  • Squats it for 1 minute
  • Alternate side slots; There are about 20 representatives
  • Jump rope for 1 minute
  • Squat jumping; See 18 representatives
  • March held for 1 minute
  • Burpees; They are for 18 representatives
Women Exercise
  • March held for 1 minute
  • walking Slots; There are about 20 representatives
  • Squats it for 1 minute
  • Jump rope for 1 minute
  • Squat jumping; They are for 18 representatives
  • Jump rope for 1 minute
  • In 2 minutes
  • Mars maintained for 2 minutes
  • Lagartijas; There are about 20 representatives
  • Triceps; They are for 35 representatives.

You can also one of these cardiovascular exercises, decide to try

Plank Jack Supino Reach board, Squat plus secondary lifts, rose hips, push-up-and-roll, SideStep Jacks, Go Arcos back, split and spin, foot switch and squats, more puppets, infidelities Thrust Squat, Montagnards with the Jumping squat on foot.

Aerobic Exercise Image

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What are the Best Methods of Breathing Exercise?

Is there an ideal way to lose fat by cardiovascular means, and if so, what is it? Aerobic activity of its nature requires that fat is used as a primary energy source, carbohydrates and proteins are used to a lesser extent. Therefore, it is obvious that to lose fat, a certain amount of aerobic work must be done.

Aerobic activities are any form of exercise that is repetitive, long and difficult to question the heart and lungs.

However, the type of aerobics work for fat loss requires open to a lot of debates. Aerobic activities (usually carried out at a moderate intensity, although higher intensity aerobic burns have shown more calories) to the heart and lungs do exercise any form of repeating myself to use oxygen challenge long and hard as an energy source (15 to 20 minutes or more) to support the body for a long time.

Is This Exercise Bad for the Brain?

Where did you get that idea? Aerobic drills have many positive effects and improved cognition and memory is one of them. In fact, jogging or cycling is the best thing you can do for your brain. It’s much more effective than any brain training program.

How does Aerobic Breathing Improve Sleep Quality?

No one knows for sure because it is difficult to isolate in studies. It could be one or a combination of factors.

Be a means for the purpose of radiator exercise, especially when the evening or later. Exercise triggers an increase in body temperature and the drop in temperature after exercise can fall to fall (Horne employees, 1983) support.

Exercise can also help, restlessness, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Insomnia is usually with great excitement, anxiety, and depression and exercise have a significant effect on these symptoms in the population to reduce.

Exercise can improve sleep by its effects on circadian rhythms (body clock). People suffer from sleep disorders due to the timing of the body clock, exercise your synchronization time may change depending on the exercise performed.

Bottom Line

It is generally accepted that aerobic physical feat is necessary. However, the type of training and methods from person to person are different, and to get better results, it is important to choose an activity that works to their advantage. This article aims to take advantage of aerobic training and methods are highlighted available

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