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Someone faces a difficult problem with his physical condition. Skinny guys look like sickness, hunger, week and illness. It is high time; you should increase your body weight. Always not possible to take various kind of foods to collect the proper amount of protein. Best protein powder for skinny guys product is the best option to consume desired protein. There are many ways to develop body muscles.

Best Protein Powder for Skinny Guy

You can take high calories from fruits, meats, fish, eggs, and vegetables. But it is not enough for increasing the body weight. So, take a supplementary food in rising calories amount. Here protein supplement gives you an opportunity to burn additional calories. Protein drinks can able to burn 200-grams protein per day than your cooking food does.

The Best Protein Powder for Lean People

If you are a skinny guy, do hear work and take the appropriate amount of protein to gain muscles and build a sculpted physique. Scientist studies that published in nutrition journal in 2013 show that Supplement develops the body muscles. 

Protein dust can be the best diet to gain weight for the weight gain diet for skinny guys. Because it contains enough protein. Using the best supplements for building muscle intelligent athletes are getting maximum benefits. High protein quality powder serves enough protein than the food supplement serves for muscles growth. Rich university nutrition group suggest the skinny guys that take 0.6-0.9 gram per day. Hence, the protein-rich drink is the best supplement for skinny guys. So, take protein product to gain weight fast skinny people.

Different Types of Shake

In market different types of protein-rich shake exist. When you decide to buy protein-rich shakes, you may confuse about which one it better. It is difficult for you to take the appropriate protein-smoothie product in a time of buying. So analysis the protein rich-dust and take a decision at home which one you want to take. I suggest you take Casein protein drink to increase weight.

Naked Mass

Naked Mas made from three main ingredients such as Naked Whey, Naked Casein, and Organic ingredients. Naked Mass is fully free from artificial sweetener and ingredients. It is free from Soy, Gluten, GMO, different types of flavor, colors etc.  The maximum level of nutrition of Naked Mass is 50-grams protein, 1250 calories, 250-gram carbs, 12-gram BCAAs.

Attractive Feature

  • Naked Mass is an essential product for your body weight
  • The nutrition and Whey product increase the amino acid in your body
  • It generates the maximum level of energy throughout the day
  • Naked Mass is a diet for taking weight gain
  • It is natural unflavored weight gainer develop the skin, smoothies, and recipes
  • Naked Mass use the weight basis maltodextrins
  • It is healthy for health because it is a gluten-free product
  • It is the best weight gainer product on the market
  • It increases weight quickly.
Best Weight Gain Powder


Natural ingredients used in Naked Mass. Main ingredients are Whey protein, casein, organic maltodextrin etc.

Product Prices

Naked Mass is a higher priced product. Per saving the cost of Naked Mass is deferred according to market types and area. Its per saving cost remains $2-$4.

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way of taking

You first take 4 scoops of Naked Mass and mix it into the 8-ounce water. You can mix Naked Mass powder in milk or fruits juice. Taking this drinks 5-6 times in a day. You know that Naked Mass is a weight gainer, not a meal replacement. So, take more and more Naked Mass drinks in order to add more protein and increase weight in your body.


Actual product packaging and manufacturing website contains more and dissimilar evidence than what our website was shown. Hence, before purchasing please watching product packaging, leveling, warning information and manufacturer website information for deciding your choice.

why choose naked mass?

Naked Mass is mixed with natural ingredients. The test of Naked Mass is a venial blend which is quite pleasant for you. The naked Mass test is natural, sweetener free. You can add your favorite flavor, fruits, strawberry juice into Naked Mass drinking powder. The naked Mass beneficiary for the skinny guys because it increases the weight quickly by maintaining the strong mass. This is the main fact of choosing Naked Mass as your protein supplements.


Naked Mass is a Wight gainer which contains high protein, low carbs product. In one Naked Mass bottle, you may find 50 grams’ protein and 1250 calories. Naked Mass is free from an artificial product like artificial sweetener, gluten etc. So skinny guys need not feel worried about for taking Naked Mass product.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein-Rich Powder

Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein-Rich Powder is the best protein sources for the skinny guys. Generally, Casein powder uses for building strong mass and muscles. Sometimes your body damage for hard work or training because at this time your body goes without protein. protein needs to rebuild your body cell. Casein supports protein requirements properly.

Attractive Feature

  • It is Made with Micellar Casein
  • Per saving Casein protein-rich powder contain 24 grams
  • Slowly Digesting Protein. per scoop
  • Casein protein contains 5 gram of natural occurring BBCA's
  • You can use Casein protein-rich powder as a weight gainer and nutrition fact
  • Per scoop, Casein has 5 grams of Naturally occurring Glutamine acid.

Important Information

Actually, you find more information about the Best protein powder for skinny guys in product packaging and manufacturing details. This website focuses lower information about the Casein protein-rich dust. For details, information read product level, warnings, packaging, directions, a way of using etc. Collect appropriate information to take protein shake if you are a skinny guy.

Product Prices

Casein protein-rich powder general process level is $12-$16 per pound. The market price of this product is $29.59.

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Protein for Skinny Guys


It contains 24-grams protein, 120 calories, 1-gram fat, 4-gram carbs. In a .2lb weight, Casein powder has 24-grams protein, 9-gram amino acid, and 1-gram sugar.


Casein powder is harmful to the children. Keep ways from the child. This website contains little information about Casein protein-rich dust. For details information please watch the branding and leveling package.

Why Choose Casein Protein-Rich Shake?

make muscles stronger

If you are deciding to take lower calorie, your muscles will become decrees day by day. Since your body does not get enough calories and protein. So, getting extra energy and stronger tissue, take the appropriate amount of calories. The Casein powder contains 1270 calories that are enough to make strong muscles.

lose your fat

Since Casein protein-rich shake contains a higher level of calories and protein, lower level of fat. It is able to reduce the fat level in your body. Nutrition advisor analysis some muscles gainer, they find that extra fat becomes a person loses. Those take Casein to gain 350 kJ energy more than those do not take Casein.

assist in promoting colon health

Casein powder assists you to produce the colon health. the colon health is better than egg, meat, and Soy. So you should take an additional amount of Casein in your daily meal.

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Make your shopping item with Casein powder, it would be a smart decision for skinny guys. Casein protein drink is mainly used for that person who wants to become a weight gainer. Some people are not reluctant to take excess food to gain extra weight. Casein is the best option for the best protein shake.  If you make your goal at the exact amount of Casein powder, there is no doubt that you would be the benefits gained.

Weight Gain Diet for Skinny Guys

To add more weight, you should take more calories and protein than your body burns. First, know how to take a protein smoothie. Your average calories needs are 2300-2500. Expand this amount more than 300-500 calories. To become bigger, you generate more calories surplus in your body. You have to eat more foods than before eat.

Eat more- To gain weight follow some methods. Milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. add your meal. Somehow it is not possible. Protein product contains all these foods calories, vitamins, and minerals.

Be consistent- Eat equal amount of calories and protein regular basis. If you take 3000 calories today, but 1000 calories next few days. This continuance damage your regularity and calorie burning capacity. You should take more calories on a regular basis than your body can burn. By following the above methods, the skinny guys can raise body weight.

Best Diet to Gain Weight

If you want to get weight, you will do the right things for health. some rules and procedure are here diets for weight gain. In the first stage, consume additional calories than your body can burn. Surplus calories in needed for being wealthy. Protein dust for skinny people aim is to take 500 extra calories than your body burn. To gain weight faster than before, take 800-1000 additional calories than your daily requirements. Sometimes you need the best meal replacement supplements to arrange your targeted protein then it can be chosen. Studies display that during the time of diet high protein-rich shake help to burn additional calories. At this time take 5-7 extra protein power drinks. Suppose your intention is to improve weight quickly, take 1-2-gram protein smoothie per pound of figure weight. You should have proper knowledge on how to take the protein-rich product. This is the greatest customs for the skinny guys for how to gain weight and muscle.

How to Gain Weight and Muscle?

To gain weight and muscles, you need to take protein appropriately. You determine how to use protein-rich smoothie. You have to change you dirty and exercise strategy to rich long-term goals. Don’t eat any unhealthy food.  Keep a right combination of calories and protein in your body. For taking any health instruction to meet with doctors. Discuss your health and lifestyle. The doctor gives you an instruction. Ask your doctor what is the appropriate sum of weight for you. Then make a realistic and regular goal. Best protein shake for best diet to gain weight make your goals schedule, suppose your goal may be 6 months. Evaluate your progress according to the goals to gain weight fast for skinny people. Take corrective action if necessary.

Which is Better for Skinny People or a Mass Gainer?

Skinny guys should take the proper amount of protein to get a muscles body. You need 5-6 types of protein daily. Taking different types of food daily is very difficult. Form protein shake, you can take different kinds of nutrition and protein. Skinny guys should take those types of food which contain staff. The good stuff makes you weight gainer. Some techniques for the best protein supplement for weight gain diet for skinny guys are mentioned. First, take calories for the first week which will be 19th times of your body weight to gain weight fast skinny people. You can consume 25% protein, 300 fat and 50 % carbs. Then make a schedule of nutrition meal chart with protein-rich supplement. You should eat protein smoothie drinks in morning 2 cups, lunchtime 2 cups, pre-working time 1 cup, post- working time 1 cup and before bed 1 cup.

protein suplement

Weight Goals for Men

You can follow the standard body weight chart for increasing your body weight.


Minimum weight

Maximum weight

5'4" height​​​​

62kg or 136lb

78kg or 172lb

5'6" height​​​​

67kg or 148lb

82kg or 181lb

5'8" height​​​​

73kg or 160lb

85kg or 190lb

5'10" height​​​​

76kg or 165lb

89kg or 198lb

6'0" height

83kg or 182lb

94kg or 208lb

6'2" height

87kg or 192lb

98kg or 216lb

6'4" height

92kg or 205lb

102kg or 224lb

How to Use Protein-Rich Supplement?

You can follow some easy methods to use the protein drink-

  • At first, take a decision on how to gain weight and muscle.
  • Another question is how to use the protein-rich product. In the first step, you mix the 25-30-gram powder in a glass.
  • You can mix the powder with milk, or juice
  • If you mix the powder with juice, milk or kefir, you can able to get extra protein and nutrition.
  • Nutation advisor suggests that you can add some nuts, flex, strawberry, banana, mango, orange, hemp into your protein drinks.

This nutrition drinks will meet your vitamin and mineral needs.


Best protein powder for skinny guys should first analysis the necessary of protein-rich smoothie. What purpose the protein power is needed. Some question you create for analysis. Is protein-rich drink being necessary? What condition diet for weight gain? Is really needed for health? What is appropriate for the skinny guys? This answer may guide you on the right path. From cooking food, you may take 400-gram protein. On the other hand, you can take 600-gram protein from protein dust. You need all the dietary protein which comes from meat, egg, fish, poultry, and vegetable. It is impossible to take all types of food regularly. From protein shake, you take all types of dietary protein. It is important for you how to gain weight. So, I suggest you take protein-rich dust for getting weight quickly.

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