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Every step in your life becomes difficult and problematic when your body is not appropriate to tackle the occurred situation. To gain weight fast by using best weight gainer for skinny guys, take an appropriate step as early as possible.

best-weight gainer for skinny guys

Weight Gain Fast

To develop body weight, you need to take extra calories and protein. For this reason, you need to take meat, egg, fruits, vegetables etc in your daily meals. It is difficult to take all this food in a day or daily. The problem may create for the financial reason, or how to increase weight fast. Someone is not reluctant to take all types of food in a day. So, take protein shake as your meal replacement shakes which fulfills your calories and nutrition.


Eat more calories than your body burns- generally, your body burns 2300-2500 calories daily. It is enough to maintain good health. If your goal is how to increase body weight, try to consume 500 more calories daily. If you want to gain weight faster, take 700-1000 extra calories than your maintenance level. Observe 3-6 months’ body condition and take corrective action when needed.

  • Eat a lot of protein : Nutrition advisor suggests that muscle is created by proteins. Take 8-1-gram protein for per pound body weight.
  • Eat lots of fat, carbs : Carbs and fats make the body mass. Take high-fat foods and high carbs food regularly for gain weight fast skinny people. Take at least 3 meals daily with extra carbs food.
  • Eat a lot of energy : Eat such types of food which contain a lot of nutrition and ingredients. Generally, protein shake has a lot of energy and ingredients.

Avoid that is Harmful to Your Body

  • Don’t get stuck in a rut : Your body has the capability to adapt anything you want. Determine how to weight gain? Sometimes it causes a harmful action against your health. By altering your daily food routine, you can increase or decrease your reps or sets.
  • Limit cardio session : When you run, swim, play, work or doing another exercise, your energy decrease, and damage. In a time of gaining weight, limit your exercise time because of that you are taking best weight gainer for skinny guys. At the time of increasing body weight, take less than 20-30 minutes’ exercise. Choose lower energy losing exercise like walking.
  • Avoid that meal which contains a high level of fat : Take simple meal and whatever you want to eat willingly. Small food which contains much calories and protein, choose that’s food like a protein shake. Which food contains a high level of fat, it makes your body weaker, not stronger.
Weight Gain Skinny People

Tips to Gain Weight

  • Add more healthy foods to your daily meal and ensure a target about how to weight gain.
  • Mix banana or strawberry and a cup of butter.
  • Add a glass of milk to your breakfast. Tips for weight gain, take a glass of milk with a protein shake before going to sleep.
  • Tips to gain weight is adding something tasty food such as the nut, goat cheese, coconut in your launch.
  • You may add cream to your coffee.
  • Add target protein powder with coffee, ice-cream, milk.
  • Add nuts, dried fruits, high carbs dairy food, high-fat dairy food like milk, yogurt, cream etc. with your meal.
  • Eat extra meat like chicken breast, beef, lamb, and pork.
  • Add dark chocolate, butter, avocados, coconut milk, trail mixes with your meal.
  • If you cannot increase your weight, you should be eating more.

Different Types of Protein Shake

In the market, different types of best weight gainer for skinny guys. Some of the best protein shake varieties are whey protein, Soy protein, rice protein, hemp protein etc. These elements found in different protein shake product which is discussed below. Now you can know about the special effects and weight gain. If you follow them I am sure you must get your success.

NAKED MASS Protein Powder

Naked Mass is an ideal product which contains calories and proteins for swelling of the body weight. It is generally used in between meal and before going to bed. Naked Mass is combined with different types of ingredients such as whey protein, Casein, natural protein shake, organic tapioca maltodextrin carbs, fiber etc. It contains a high level of protein and calories. This helps you develop your mass and maintains your calories requirements. It is also an affordable product for all protein shake product.

Product Quality

Naked Mass is a weight gain product. From all the weight gainer product Naked Mass is best which is combined with natural flavor, fillers, sugar, and proteins shake. This product helps you to gain mass. I assure you that this product is all time free from gluten. It gives you a confident level of calories which is 1250 quantity. Per serving of Naked Mass establish of 4 scoops of powder. Per serving Naked Mass covers 3 grams of fat, 100-gram sodium, and less than 250-grams carbs. The sugar level of Naked Mass product is very low which is just 5 grams per serving. You also take 50 gram of protein per serving Naked Mass product.

Attractive Feature

  • MGO free product.
  • Naked Mass is a great product there is no gluten and soy.
  • It carries about 55-grams protein with 12-gram BCCAs.
  • Three ingredients are whey protein, Casein, and Maltodextrin. All this ingredient covers a good portion of their ability.
  • It also uses natural flavor. Artificial flavor is not used.
  • Contain 1250 calories and 250-grams carbs.
  • It has no creative flavor and it is made in a cold process.
  • Acid and sugar-free product.
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Benefits of Naked Mass Protein Shake

Naked Mass serves you easy ways of all necessary nutrition which is needed for making a strong mass. When you decide to take a diet control program, Naked Mass help you most. This product provides you with an unstable sugar level and a great consistent level of calories and protein. you know that after hard working period your majority of the cell is broken. In this time, you need instant calories from rebuilding your cell and mass. Only Naked Mass is able to rebuild your mass by serving enough calories. Since it is free from Soy proteins and wheat, sugar, milk and egg, Naked Mass help you become danger free from fatal diseases. Whose are searching for a smart protein shake product for gaining muscles, Naked Mass is the best solution for those.

Naked Mass Protein Powder


Naked Mass combined main three ingredients are Organic Maltodextrin, Naked Casein, and key Naked Whey.

  • Organic Maltodextrin : Maltodextrin is one kind of carbohydrate. Maltodextrin gives a quick energy and stamina because it is made from rice, potato, wheat and cheap. All this make extra energy in your body.
  • Naked Whey : Naked Whey is made from protein and BCCAs. Per serving Naked Casein has 30-grams protein and 11.5-gram BCCAs. The Naked Whey main ingredients are grass and cows. Grass and cows serve you faster proteins and energy source which make muscles cell and provide you a strong body and anabolic muscles.
  • Naked Casein : Naked Casein is also made from grass and cows. Naked Casein gives you an efficient level of amino acid and that will help when you go to sleep.

Important Information

Product Prices

Naked Mass price is very reasonable for the general people. It is expensive. But on the basis of its benefits, its prices are not much. 3.63 kg weight Naked Mass selling price is between $60-$65. The per serving selling prices based on the producer reference is $2-$2.5.

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Actual product packaging and manufacturing website contains more and dissimilar evidence than what our website was shown. Hence, before purchasing please watching product packaging, leveling, warning information and manufacturer website information for deciding your choice.

No Side Effect

Naked Mass has no side effect because it contains whey protein and casein powder. I also confirm you that Naked Mass is free of artificial flavor and sweetener. So it has very little chance to damage your body. Naked Mass is gluten, soy, and GMO-free. Hence side effect is a bogus word for Naked Mass.

Why Choose Naked Mass?

Someone has lower body weight than the standard level. This person faces problem every step of life. For increasing body weight, Naked Mass is a smart option for skinny people. When you chose high calories protein shake, you also worry about proteins product side effect. Is confirm you that it has no side effect for its uses ingredients. You chose Naked Mass because it is free from GMO, Soy, and gluten. No artificial flavor is used in this product, only natural flavor use here. Naked Mass has no side effect on how can I gain weight and long-term diseases attracting effects. Its benefits last a long time. Naked Mass uses for the cancer patients whose body weight may high and weight help cancer diseases to attract body. Naked Mass is a product to gain weight for skinny guys and reduce the chance of cancer diseases.


For the skinny guys, Naked Mass is the smart choice for you. It rebuilds your cell and mass, enhances stamina and energy for training, working and exercise. Naked Mass comprises a high protein, lower level of carbs and sugar that is combined with three ingredients. It also the quickest weight gainer among the all protein shake product. You would not worry about its side effect. Naked Mass is best for serving 1250 calories and 50-gram proteins with no sweetener and flavor.

How much Protein You Need Daily for Increasing Body Weight?

Ideal body weight

Minimum quantity

Maximum quantity

For bodybuilder

50 kg

30 g

88 g

144 g

58 kg

38 g

128 g

164 g

64 kg

41 g

140 g

182 g

73 kg

48 g

160 g

208 g

82 kg

61 g

180 g

234 g

92 kg

68 g

200 g

260 g

MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder

MP Combat XL is a weight ginning supplement completed with dense, calories, nutrition, protein. MP Combat XL is a special supplement for skinny guys which create strong muscles. It acts for maintains body stains for Atlantic and players. It is a complex set of fatty acid, complex carbs, a protein which works for recover muscles and body cell from damage.

Product Quality

MP Combat XL is a high-quality product for their who wants to get weight fast. High performance in the field of sporting. It has rapidly muscles recoverability. MP Mass gainer powder has the ability how to increase body weight and create power in the athletic body.

Attractive Feature

  • MP Combat XL serves 1270 calories.
  • It also serves 50 grams of muscles rebuilding protein.
  • Contains 250 gram of carbs and flex, chia seeds.
  • Determine that question how can I gain weight.
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Best Weight Gainer

Important Information


The main ingredients of MP Combat XL are calories, fat, protein, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, little amount of sugar, cholesterol and Dietary fiber. MP Combat XL carries your needed Whey Protein, Maltodextrin, Sodium Silicon, Cocoa Powder,  Natural Flavors, Brown Rice, Flax Seed, Oil, Caraway Seed, Ginger Root powder, and Soy Lecithin.

Ingredients Quantity

Name of ingredients

Amount Per Serving



Calories from Fat


Total Fat

7000 mg

Saturated Fat

5000 mg


145 mg


340 mg

Carbohydrate from MP

252 g

Dietary Fiber

0 mg

Vitamin A

164 IU


313 mg


17000 mg


1000 mg


50 g

Product Prices

MP Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder retain prices remain between $25-$30. Per serving, prices continue between 3.5 dollars to 4 dollars.

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Our website has little or different information about MP Combat XL-protein powder. For details information, you may follow MP Combat XL official website and product packaging and materials information.

Why Choose MP Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder?

If you are athletic, you may choose the XL Mass powder. Because MP Combat XL is most prevailing and effective for power supply. When your muscles broke for exercise, MP Combat XL rebuild your muscles mass as early as possible. It is used as medically and nutritionally helps. On the other hand, if you are a skinny guy, you may take MP Combat XL-protein shake powder. Because it has high calories and protein elements which increase your weight for permanently. It gives you the ability of competition any types of the sector. Studies show that MP Combat XL is beneficiary for all, people use it and science provides it.


MP Combat XL is the award-winning product which is used all over the world. It is world leading proteins shake brand in the sports, nutrition field. The main goal of MP Combat XL is serving the best complex of nutrition, safe and effective supplement for athletics and formulate the ways to gain weight. It helps to make and repair your muscles and strength and tips for weight gain. It has weight gaining or losing health wellness goal.

Gain Weight Fast Skinny People

The tips to gain weight for skinny guys and ways to gain weight are mentioned below.

Eat up- Make a goal and try to maintain this way. Calculate your body weight and take one gram protein according to per pound of your body weight. Suppose your body weight is 170 pound, take 170-grams protein daily. High calorie shakes to gain weight or others type of foods like rice, nut, oats, seeds helps to gain more colors quickly.  If you don’t have the proper time or willingness to take this food, you may take a protein shake with short time.

Train well, not harder- Take exercise in time and follow a bodybuilding routine.

Take proper Rest- Regularly eight hours’ sleep is needed for a bodybuilder to use best weight gainer for skinny guys.

Weight yourself- Weight yourself before eating and after finishing your toilet. Compare your body weight with previous quantity.

Gold Standard 100% Casein

Here Gold standard 100% Casein support your feeling and condition with serving a slow and constant stream of amino acids. Amino acid also generates BACCs for the muscles tissue. Gold standard offers you to choose its flavor from nine different flavors.

Product Quality

Naturally, you need much protein after completing your work or training for starting your next program. Here the Gold standard works as a kick-start of the protein recovery process. This step needs more than 48 hours.

Attractive Feature

  • Per serving Gold standard contains 24 gram digesting protein.
  • More than 9 gram of amino acids.
  • Your 60% calcium requirements meet from Gold Standard 100% Casein powder.
  • Gold Standard is made from Micellar Casein.
  • It has GNO certified operating facility.
  • You can use Casein power as your meal supplement or take before sleeping for PN proteins requirements.
Protein for Skinny Guys

Important Information


Gold standard chief ingredients are calories 120 per serving, 1000 milligram fat per serving, 190 milligram sodium, fiber 1 gram, sugar 1 gram, 24-gram protein and a large amount of iron. The assistant ingredients of Casein protein powder are Micellar Casein, Gum Blend, Salt, Natural Flavor, Polydextrose, artificial flavor, Sucralose, Lecithin, Malic Acid, and Potassium.

Product Prices

The market selling prices of Gold Standard 100% Casein is $32-$38. Per serving selling prices is $1.2-$1.8.

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Actually, our website delivers diverse or little information about Gold Standard protein powder. Keep out with a range of children. Before consuming you always read product packaging, leveling and branding warnings and direction information. The gold standard website also provides details information about its users, how to increase weight fast and warnings.

Why Choose Gold Standard 100% Casein?

You choose Gold Standard for some important reason. The first reason is that Gold Standard is a superior protein shake product for a better result. It is providing optimum nutrition for the athletic world with a dietary supplement. Secondly, Gold Standard made from quality based ignescents. Thirdly it has a slow digestive feature. The average time of full digest is five hours. Fourthly, it has nine different flavors. Choose your best flavor in Gold Standard product. Finally, it is needed for the perfect night time protein. Take Gold Standard which serves longer protein needs before sleeping. Basically, Gold Standard made of the weight gainer and athletics.


To meet the required level of protein, follow ways to gain weight and take Gold Standard 100% Casein product. Nutrition diction advice to take Gold Standard in a time of exercise and training. Before taking Casein protein powder, consult with nutrition doctor and make a perfect meal schedule with a protein shake. You can mix Gold Standard with protein shaker or a blender for a better result. It is a good mixer and has a little side effect. Hence, if you are a smart and intelligent guy, you may take Gold Standard100% Casein for rebuilding your muscles cells and increase your body weight.

Here we offer three types of protein shake product. From this product, you may choose your best product according to your requirements and body symptoms as tips for weight gain.

Why It's So Difficult for Skinny People to Do all Types Activities?

Studies show that every stage of a person's life needs a proper and strong body. When you try to accomplish a hard or difficult task, you need more energy and stamina because when you workout then a lot of calories lose. So if you take an energy recovery supplement then will get proper stamina. Strong muscles produce energy and power effort. If you are a skinny guy, you will fail to do hard work. Think about the sports fields. Here a strong body must need to defeat the opposition party. When the opposition group releases your weakness, they can easily win the game. In the same ways, strong body needs on the football field, wrestling’s field, cricket game, and badminton game to defeat opposition party. So, make strong body muscles for entering your suitable working field and became a proud person for using best weight gainer for skinny guys.


If you are a skinny guy, now fix your goal about how to weight gain. When your goal is to develop your body weight. you should choose protein shake. Because protein shake contains many calories, protein, vitamin, and minerals. Sometimes to gain more weight, you take which contain a high fat and carbs. This high level of fat and carbs is harmful to your body. It converted your body weaker instead of stronger. Only protein shake contains a high level of calories but a lower level of fat and carbs. There is no side effect of protein shake. From fruit and meats, you get 300-500 calories. On the other hand, from protein shake product you get at least 1000 calories. The protein shake is totally free from extra sugar and helps how to increase weight fast. Hence, I suggest the skinny people take a protein shake. You can growth your mass taking weight gainer protein shake.

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