Body Fortress Mass Gainer Review For 2018 Who Needs Muscle

Are you looking for the best supplement for gaining muscle?

What if I told you there were magical fairy dust that will help you bulk up faster?

In my opinion, people who want to gain weight face much more difficult than people who want to lose weight. When you are a skinny person (an ectomorph), trying to gain, everyone will recommend that you stuff your face in McDonald’s at every meal.

When I was 10 pounds underweight as per my BMI, that’s what everyone recommended me to do. Seeing no other way, and out of desperation, I ended up gulping down junk food vigorously. However, months later, I hardly gained a pound.

Body Fortress Mass Gainer Review

Then, one of my friends who is an avid gym-goer, he recommended that I take a supplement to mass gain. His lean body obviously influenced my decision to purchase a protein supplement for gaining muscle. I ended up buying this muscle gainer that I am so glad that I did.

Now, my weight corresponds with my height and age.

Wondering what the secret is?

Yes, the secret to my weight gaining is Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass developer. Today, I am going to reveal how this is the perfect solution as a mass gainer.

Let’s get started:

What will have in this Body Fortress Mass Gainer Review?

  • This Super Advanced Mass Gainer can be taken by any individual looking to bulk up their weight.
  • If you are struggling with your daily caloric intake, then give the advanced mass gainer a try. It is proven to help you meet your macros.
  • This content is sweet because of caries sugar. Whereas the powder has sugar so that you will definitely get fat and gradually you will be muscle.
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    Premier shake also will you to gain your weight without muscle because it contains a lot of carb and protein that help both for muscle and without muscle. He will get muscle who exercise regularly.
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    This supplement will give you 635 calories per serving. It is very helpful to gain weight fast.
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    Body Fortress works as a rapid mass gainer.


Mass Gainer

In this body fortress mass gainer review, I will show you that how effective the super product. There was a time when everyone around me used to call me “Paper Boy”. The reason why I got that nickname is that I was too skinny. Kids used to sing Avril Lavigne’s “Skater Boy” around me, shuffling the Skater Boy with Paper Boy.

It was really embarrassing for me to even go to school when everyone around me bulking up too fast!

I started doing what every skinny boy like me would – stuffing my face with junk food and beverages. After weeks of eating extravagantly and drinking sodas, I couldn’t go anywhere.

Clearly, I was struggling with my effort toward becoming a healthy boy.

Clearly, I was struggling with my effort toward becoming a healthy boy

My eating and drinking habit started taking its toll on me. I used to feel tired all the time. I didn’t feel like going out to play or take my bike around for a spin. This has to be frustrating at some point.

My mom took me to a doctor for my issue. He immediately diagnosed me that I didn’t take all necessary meals to the right me. He suggested that I take a mass gainer instead of eating junk food.

Using a muscle gainer, since then, was my best decision. This product was changed me completely as a supplement for muscle gainer. It helped me achieve my caloric intake. And, after taking it for two months, I started bulking up and developing muscle.

My changes were obvious. Everyone around me started asking the question as to what I was taking. If you too are wondering what I was taking, today I am going to reveal the magical fairy dust.

I was using this mass gainer, named “Body Fortress Mass Gainer”. If you are into bodybuilding, you can immediately recognize Body Fortress. The Fortress is quite famous for manufacturing muscle building supplements. I hope if you carefully follow the Body Fortress Review then you will get your all requirements for gaining muscle.

Product Prices

I think you have justified the market on supplement you know all product price how costly. but this mass gainer is reaching at your hand with a few cost. It's a unbelievable offer to all. You are getting it within 20$-28$. Is it not a wonderful rate for quick weight and muscle gaining.

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Body Fortress Mass Gainer


If you want to build up your weight, then you will need calories. I wanted to bulk up calories as well. The Fortress supplement is packed with an excess of calories, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients.

The muscle development supplements feature affordable, simple formula that offers all the nutrition required to help you gain muscle and weight. Many mass builders on the market are loaded with excessive calories and fat sources that are likely to damage instead of benefiting you.

But, the Fortress Mass Builder has a formula that is extremely effective and powerful for weight gaining in the right way.

Weight Gaining

The Body Fortress Muscle Gaining Supplements features key nutrients that promote lean mass, strength and build size. After taking it for a couple of months, I experienced replenished muscles.

The secret to my replenished muscles is that balanced carbs formula from the Super Advanced Muscle Gaining Supplements.

I thank the team at Body Fortress for their effort at squeezing every gram of protein. The outcome of their effort is a balanced formula. The team went to extra lengths to add amino acids. The added amino acids contributed to my muscle building as well.

How I take it to Reap Faster Results?

To reap the full potential of the Fortress Muscle Builder, there’s a certain rule I follow. I usually mix 3 scoops of this super mass gaining supplements with 12 fl. oz. of water. This is the formula, which was also recommended by Body Fortress.

After mixing, I continue stirring the solution for 20-30 seconds.

You can also increase or decrease the serving size as per your needs.

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Why will choose it?

This is a large protein powder. If you want to gain muscle and increase weight there is no way without consumption at least a certain amount of protein. It's smell is good tasty there are some supplements terrible taste. Because of that taste people break the rules of having drink routine. Body fortress shake has several flavor so you can take any one according to your choice. I will try to describe about all flavor of the body fortress and you can take the decision which one goes to you easily.

Some products have high price with shipping cost but this one is giving you a offer if you order the product will get the shipping cost free so don't late.

Best Mass Gainer


Body fortress super advanced mass gainer has two flavor one is chocolate and another is vanilla. Which one will you take it depends on your taste. Some people like chocolate and some are vanilla and others. This mass gainer is very popular for everyone for it's wonderful taste. There are several types mass gainer in the market most of product reviews say it is very worse but if you would like to consume body fortress muscle developer you will be surprised on it's taste.

I saw greater portion people like chocolate also it's flavor. So they will choose or give attention on chocolate flavor Body Fortress Muscle Developer. I also like chocolate flavor but my brother loves vanilla. There are lot of people who don't love chocolate they love vanilla like my brother. So which one you like between two flavor I promise definitely you will get your desired taste.


This product contains multi-beneficial ingredients those are very important for our healthy body. Those ingredients are mentioned bellow shortly:

  • Maltodextrin: Whey Protein Concentrate: Whey protein concentrate briefly called WPC. It carries low-level fat and carbohydrate. The ration of protein in WPC depends on our demanding level of weight loss.
  • Whey Protein Isolate: Whey protein isolate shortly called WPI. Whey protein isolates always processes to remove all fat with lactose. It contains almost 90% protein.
  • Milk Protein Concentrate: Milk protein concentrate is called those milk products that contain around 40-90% milk protein. It keeps contribution to reduce lactose and minerals level too.
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    Calcium Caseinate: Calcium caseinate is a protein aerosol based on skim milk, low in fat and sodium and rich in amino acids. It contains a lot of casein protein digested very slowly. Although you may question the merits of this question, it means that it leaves a constant amount of amino acids in the bloodstream after ingestion. It's like a reserve for your tank.
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    Cocoa: Cocoa contains flavonoids that help to process nitric oxide in our body so that hot cocoa can develop blood flow, control blood pressure and take care of heart health. The Chocolate also helps to prevent platelets in our blood from mingling simultaneously.
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    Fructose: It is called a fruit sugar. Fructose is a natural ketonic monosaccharide that is bonded to glucose and galactose. Those elements are plunged straightly into blood during digestion.


  • An adequate amount of calories and protein
  • Good ratio of carbohydrates and protein
  • Gluten-free
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    Zero aspartame
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    Multiple protein sources
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    Effective drink for developing lean mass
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    Essential amino acids
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    Dietary fiber
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    High-quality protein per serving


  • It is heavy on stomach
  • There is more sugar for flavor
  • The drink is a little thick
  • 6 scoops need to get the 1000 calories
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Your Questions

Q: What should be the serving size for adults?

Q: What should be the serving size for adults?

Q: Is this product lactose free?

Q: Do we take the supplement for workout?

Q: Does this have creatine?

Final Verdict

The Body Fortress Super Muscle Gaining Supplements is unlike typical weight gainers that are fat-loaded and offer very few nutritional values. This mass builder from Body Fortress packs vitamins, enzymes and essential nutrients require to bulk up.

When using this muscle increaser, you can stop worrying about getting fat. This product will make you big and not fat. After using it for a couple of months, the changes in me speak for themselves.

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