High Calorie Protein Shake Need to Gain Weight Fast

If you want to increase your mass as well as daily calories intake, you may take the high calorie protein shake. Studies show that when you want to take high calories food, you may also take a high amount of junk food. In this junk food more fat which is unhealthy.

High Calorie Protein shake

You may take protein powder which is not a junk food and contains protein, vitamin, and minerals. protein dust comes into forwarding when you try to gain weight by developing your mass. Let's go to know why will we choose the to protein drink for high calorie?

High Calorie Shake Need for Gaining Weight

Studies show that more than 80% of people want to take extra food for gaining weight. but they little succeed to take more fruits and food. Because huge money need or it seems too boring things. In this time protein synthesis give you some facility to gain more weight with little effort. Take daily 6-7 times powder and you will be able to gain extra calories for high weight. protein dust is the best sources among the other sources for gaining a high level of protein-rich supplement.

Protein powder contains a high level of calories, protein, vitamins, carbs, and minerals. Some protein powder contains a high level of toxic. Toxic damage the body cell and immune. We knew that we should consume the proper protein lime from the market which contains a high level of calories.

Different Types of High-Calorie Protein Product

In the market, there are different types of high calorie protein shake is available. All these have different functions and different types. But the main job is ultimately the same. Now some best quality products are described below to help you to take the best decision. It is your time to choose the best product to have the best solution for your protein problem.

NESTLE BOOST High-Calorie Complete Drinks

Nestle Boost VHC is a comfortable and suitable drink for those whose are sourcing of high level of calories. It is a high calories powder. It uses for the prevention of illness and cure. The supplement of the main food and drinks of nutrition this product is used. Per oz. Nestle boost VHC contains 530 calories. It is the greatest sources of protein and vitamin and high level of calories for weight gaining person.

Attractive Feature

  • Nestle boost VHC is a nutritionally complete product with an oral beverage of 2.25 kcal per milligram.
  • It is appropriate for the medical supplement program.
  • Nestle is nothing but a protein-rich smoothie and weight gain product.
  • The protein smoothie uses for diminishing appetites.
  • Nestle boost VHC contains high calories with vitamins and protein. This high level of calories helps to develop the body muscles and mass.
  • It boosts VHC also uses for a suitable diet because it is free from gluten, sugar, lactose intolerance, fluid-restricted. These elements mainly damage your body. Nestle boost VHC is totally free from this product.
  • These provide sufficient energy and malnutrition.

Important Information for You


The main ingredients of Nestle boost VHC are given according to their importance. Water, oil, calcium, protein, vitamin, mental, calcium citrate, sodium, natural flavor, choline chloride, salt, copper sulfate, sodium, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin K1 and B12.

Product Prices

237 ml Nestle boost VHC prices is $50-$55. Generally, per ounce price of Nestle boost, VHC remain $4-$6.

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Weight Boost Protein Shake


Generally, product leveling, packaging, and materials contain more information than our website provide. We recommend that you do not rely on our information currently, follow Nestle boost VHC website and product details to get more information.

Why Choose Nestle Boost VHC?

You may ask yourself why you chose Nestle boost VHC. What is the main purpose of the product? The nutrition board of USA finds out the reason for choosing this product. Nutrition standard board of USA analysis this product and find that it is the finest product of the market product which serves high level of calories. Nestle boost VHC also packed with mineral and vitamin A, C, D, E and K. vitamin B12 is important for the human body which contains s in Nestle boost VHC. It has a natural flavor and has a little portion of artificial flavor.


You may search the best-tasting protein drink product. I suggest you top take the Nestle boost VHC for one time check. When you test the Nestle boost VHC, you release that it the tastiest protein smoothie among others. For achieving the best test, some procedure must follow such as refrigerate at least 4 hours before consuming, mix with water, milk, liquid product.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is a liquid byproduct which is used as a protein supplement. Gold standard Whey protein energy drink is the best supplement for those who want to become healthier.

Product Quality

Whey protein dust is the purest and fresh product. Here discuss how much whey protein has. Each serving has 25 grams of digesting whey protein with a low level of fat, carbs, and cholesterol which make the gold standard Whey protein-rich energy drink the best among the other powder. It also has 10 successive years of award captivating records. It is well-known as the world most reliable sports nitration brand. Whey protein has 20 flavored choices for you.

Attractive Feature

  • The main elements of this product are Whey protein
  • It contains 24-gram whey protein
  • 6 grams of natural BCAA in per serving
  • 4-gram glutamine, and vitamins
  • It also as has 5 grams of amino acid and valine
  • leucine per serving

Important Information


The main ingredients of the Gold standard are Micellar Casein, Artificial Flavors, natural flavor, sugar, Gum Blend, salt, Sucralose, Aminogen, Lecithin, colors etc.


Our website contains little information about Gold Standard Whey proteinActually, Gold Standard product own website contains more evidence. Also, product packaging and materials contain more information about ingredients, warnings, ways of takings. You may follow this data before consuming this product.

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Protein for Skinny Guys

Benefits of Gold Standard Whey Protein Dust

Whey protein is used for weight loss or increase. It also helps to gain strong muscles and mass. It decreases the HIV symptoms. Increase the energy and powder in a time of sports. It is an asset for reducing the risk of cancer. Recovery or repair the broken muscles in the time of exercise or sports. It is instantly mixed with your blood. You can able to recover your energy from supplement powders. High level of protein exists here.

Who should Take Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein?

This product is suitable and comfortable for athletes.  Also, this is used by the skinny guys to gain more protein and calories by making strong mass. Whey supplement serves instant energy for exercise.  It is the world number one selling powder. The product value, quality and brand image help Nestle to gain the large portion of protein product selling market. Overall Whey supplement is needed for diet, training, exercise, and daily routine. Get 23 gram of protein just one serving of powder. 80% of your daily requirement recover from whey supplement powders.

Why will You Choose Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein?

Generally, after exercise or training, your body needs energy for repairing muscles fiber and cell.  Gold Standard 100% Whey protein assimilated your stomach and maintain your muscles. Whey protein is also used as sources of amino acid and it is high-calorie meals to gain weight.

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When you know how much whey protein you required daily. Then you can determine the nutrition level. There is no doubt that Gold Standard Whey is the number one protein powder because Nestle Whey protein takes a large portion of the market for long times. It a rewarded brand in the protein serving sector. Hence, you will exercise this product anytime.

High Calorie Meals to Gain Weight

You may think that gaining weight is so hard task. I appreciate you that it is not an easy task to gain weight faster. But it is easy to attain more weight faster by taking the high level of protein supplement. Different types of high calories meal exist that help you to become healthier. Some high calories protein food is coconut milk, Brown rice, Oatmeal, Avocados etc. Protein smoothie contains a high level of calories and vitamins. You need to take this high-Calorie shake powder as a calories meal. This protein smoothie serves full of calories, protein, carbs, essential nutrition, minerals, vitamins, and fat. This is essential for bulking up.

The Proper Method of Producing High Calorie Shake

You will need some procedure to make a high calorie protein shake. First, you can take a good blender which helps to make a protein drink quickly. Then you need a lot of scoop of whey protein powder that is filled with high calorie. If you need to make a shake, you will need 1180 calories, 85-gram protein, 70-gram carbs, 50-gram fat. You need to collect one cup of Oatmeal which weight is 125 grams. Also, collect 4 tablespoons of butter and 415-milligram milk. Then blend the oatmeal, milk, butter together for 30 seconds. You add 2-3 scoops of whey protein with the blender mixer. Again been all the product for 30 seconds. You get Cal shake powder drinks, enjoy high-calorie meals to gain weight.

Why Should You Take High Calories Protein Powder?

In choosing protein synthesis we can follow a different way. The ways and the method of taking high-calorie meals to gain weight are mentioned below.

  • As a meal replacement- Protein product can be taken as a meal replacement. Take enough pertain powder in morning time or pre-working time to gain weight. the times to take protein smoothie as a meal replacement are mentioned below.
  • Morning time- Generally your protein level becomes low in the morning time. Because you take your last meal before 8-10 hours. Take 2 cup protein drink which increases your energy and provides extra energy.
  • Per-working time- Take one cup of supplement which boost your memory and boost energy for working. You can also take high-calorie protein for pre-working time, lunchtime. It should consume a protein-rich shake before going to sleep cause as it clears your memories. High-calories powder works better at that time to increase weight.
Green Protein Powder

High Protein Smoothies for Your Weight

It is needed to achieve your weight gaining goal, you can try two simple tricks. First one takes sufficient calories than your body can produce. The second one lifts heavy belongings. In this two methods, you can produce high Wight within 4-6 months. If you follow the two rules, you may become fatter. The best ways are taking appropriate calories for maintaining the body fit and weight. Follow the first rules and become more weight. generally, your body can burn 2300-2500 calories per day. Take more than 2500 calories. that may be 2800-3000 calories. It is enough for you to burn excess body weight. It is hard to take enough calories in a day. The high protein smoothies for weight gain gives you opportunities to take 1000 plus calories. High protein smoothies for weight gain contains different types of ingredients. The smoothie allows altering the ingredients to your required needs.

How much Whey Protein Per Day You Need?

The whey protein-rich shake helps to gain weight. You should eat a standard level of protein. The amount of taking whey pertain are given below according to a different purpose.

When you take one scoop or less make, this amount is depending on how much you need daily. Rich university research about how much protein per day needs. Rich University suggests taking 0.4-0.6-gram protein-rich supplement for per pound body weight. hence 150-pound weight person needs 60-90 gram of whey protein. If you regularly perform hard task or training, take more than 0.9-gram protein-rich energy drink for per pound body weight. you need 1.4 to 2 gram of whey protein per kilogram of body weight for maintaining daily activities.

How to Take Protein?

You should know how much protein per day. Here I recommend you some methods and producers of taking high calories snacks for weight gain.

For Men

  • Take at least two scoops of whey protein
  • In the daily morning, you must take one cup of vegetable juice with the protein roughness.
  • Take enough fresh and frozen fruits.
  • At the last stage mix all those elements in a blender. You can mix with milk, fruits, and vegetables.


  • For making the high protein shake
  • Take one scoop of protein-energy, one cup of vegetables, one cup of fruits, one tablespoon of well fat
  • Then mix all this thing in a blender with milk or water
  • It acts as protein-rich powder and weight gain
  • It is supposed to understand the mentioned theory can be used for determining how to take a protein-rich drink

Recommendation by RDA

RDA recommended the amount which is the minimum level of the protein-rich supplement for you. The American women eat 60garms of protein per day. High-calories protein shakes eating amount increases day by day. Determine how to take protein energy drink. The following things are the suitable requirement amount of protein for maintaining a healthy life.


Protein smoothie purpose ( per pound)

For maintaining the good healthy

0.45 gram

For bodybuilding

1-2 gram

For average women

0.36 gram

For average men

0.50 grams

For daily activities

0.5-0.9 gram

For the middle age person

0.68 gram


Male need extra energy and stamina to solve the hard task. Protein product serves extra energy and stamina. Female eat high calories to gain more weight. Patients use the calories shake by removing the illness. Also, high calories need for removing digestion which makes good health and fitness. Remove Toxicity and serves dense nutrition.

The advice of Doctor- The Experienced doctor suggests us to consume the calories and protein-energy at the time of illness, training, exercise and working. Calories create mass and body muscles. They suggest the skinny guys take high calories because it makes extra mass and gives an attractive look.

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