How Many Carbs in Tomatoes? Why Tomato Covers All Nutrition?

You have come here to know, how many carbs in tomatoes?

You will get not only carbs but also calories, protein, amino acid, sugar, nutrition and so on. Now you will be crushed to know tomatoes activities. I will try to discuss why the tomato is better than others fruits as a nutrition tank. Tomato is a good source to consume carb, calorie, fiber, and nutrition.

The calories and the nutrition very urgent for a human being to take healthy diet. People should know how many calories, carbs, fiber, and nutrition needed himself. Tomato is a cheap process fruit but contains much nutrition than other types of fruits. Let's go to know healthy the benefits of tomato.

Carbs in Tomato

Actually, Tomato is a common type of vegetables which contains many types of useful elements. Studies find that tomato reduces the risk of numerous cancer such as stomach cancer, prostate cancer. Tomato also helps to prevent age-related diseases like atherosclerosis. Heart disease increases due to lack of niacin, folate. Tomato contains the large amount of niacin, folate, and vitamin- B6 which reduce heart problem. If you drink 8 ounces of tomato juices regularly, you will able to reduce platelet aggregation disease clearly. A glass of Tomato juices helps you to control blood level of TNF-alpha.

How many Carbs in Tomatoes?

The number of Crabs according to the different size of tomatoes:

Red Tomato


(in milligram)


(in milligram)


(in milligram)

1 Small size Tomato

2390 mg

1100 mg

3570 mg

1 extra small size Tomato

2200 mg

890 mg

3400 mg

1 wedge Tomato

820 mg

400 mg

1220 mg

1 Medium size Tomato

3230 mg

1500 mg

4820 mg

1 Large size Tomato 

4790 mg

2200 mg

7130 mg

1 Extra Large Tomato

5100 mg

2230 mg

7270 mg

Half cup Sliced Tomato

2345 mg

1100 mg

3080 mg

1 cup Sliced Tomato

4730 mg

2200 mg

7060 mg

One Cherry Tomato

450 mg

200 mg

670 mg

One Oz

750 mg

300 mg

1110 mg

One plum Tomato

1600 mg

700 mg

2430 mg

Other Types of Tomato

One Green Tomato

6270 mg carbs

One Yellow Tomato

6320 mg carbs

One Orange Tomato

3530 mg carbs

Cherry Tomatoes Carbs

Cherry Tomato contains many Carbs than other types of tomato. One large size Carry Tomato has minimum 650-milligram Carbs. So Carry Tomato is the best choice of yours to make your daily meal. Two or three carry v can make up your daily carbs needs. The quantity of Carrying tomatoes is given below chart.

1 Cherry Tomato

670 mg carbs

5 Cherry Tomatoes

3360 mg carbs

One cup Cherry Tomato

5840 mg carbs

Half cup Cherry Tomato

2920 mg carbs

Ripe Tomato

Tomato juice contains many carbs like watermelon juice because you will be astonished if know how many carbs in watermelon? I hope you will search for watermelon facts. By the way, you can take tomato juice in your meal. Only one cup of tomato juice contains 10.30 grams of carbs which meet your daily carbs needs. Also, you can take low sodium tomato juice which contains more than 10 grams of carbs. So schedule your meal according to the tomato quantity.

Cherry Tomatoes Calories

Cherry tomatoes can be your favorite choice for taking required calories. You need a minimum of 2100 calories per day. One Cherry tomatoes contain 5 calories. So you can take 5-6 Carry tomatoes which serve at least 20 calories. Tomato’s Juice carries huge calories. One cup cherry tomato's juice Carrying contains 30 calories. If you take daily 3 cup juice with your daily meals, it will able to serves your daily needs of calories. Calories amount is given below.

A number of Calories in Cherry Tomatoes

1 Cherry Tomato


5 Cherry Tomatoes


One cup Cherry Tomato


Half cup Cherry Tomato


One OZ


Cherry Tomatoes Benefits

Cherry is a fat-free fruit. It also has low sodium and sugar. It is the best source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, and Vitamin-K. Cherry tomatoes have a large amount of potassium which helps you to control blood presser. There are some ways to protect Cherry tomatoes from damage. You can store Cherry tomatoes in the refrigerator. Cherry tomatoes minimize diabetes from your body. It elasticities make your body a strong defense from various types of diseases.

Protein in Tomato

In 100 grams Tomatoes Nutrition Facts are Shown Below






75 kJ

Vitamin A

5 mg


4 g

Vitamin B6

0.2 mg


0.2 g

Vitamin C

19 mg


0.9 g

Vitamin E

0.8 mg


0.25 g

Vitamin K

11.9 mcg

Total Minerals 

0.011 g

Others items


0.12 mg


9500 mg


0.24 g


2570 mg


0.0024 g


2600 mg

Health Benefits of Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are the best sources of Vitamin-C and fiber. You know that fiber is the best nutrition for preventing heart diseases. Grape tomatoes also contain vitamin-A which is supported by your eye, mulches, skin etc. Grape tomatoes develop your body muscles, smooth your skin and hair.  The human body needs antioxidant for talking the harmful bacteria. Grape tomatoes have a lot of antioxidants that tackle body immune system. This healthy immune system reduces the chance of cardiovascular diseases. Grape tomatoes have more than 2570 milligram lycopene. Lycopene is one type of antioxidants which help to protect heart diseases. Grape tomatoes are cholesterol-free fruits. It has plenty of minerals. Grape tomatoes minerals protect body temperatures as well as keep the blood presser low. It is clear that Grape tomatoes are essential for a human body.

Nutrition for One Grap Tomato




70 kJ


0 mg


1000 mg


5000 mg


0 mg


4000 mg


1000 mg

Fiber in Tomatoes

Tomato has 0.3-gram fiber in one slice. One Tomato contain 45% fiber, 8% calories, 1% fat, 45% carbs, 18% protein. A person daily requirement of fiber is 25 grams. Different types of Tomatoes contains different amount of fiber.  In one medium size grape Tomatoes has 1-gram fiber. The average quantity of fiber of Tomatoes is 1.2 grams.

Types of Tomatoes

Fiber Quantity (in 100 g Tomato)


12.3 grams

Canned Tomatoes

1.9 grams

Red, Ripe Tomatoes

1.7 grams

Green Tomatoes

1.1 grams

Red, Ripe with Salt

0.7 grams

Is Tomato's Fiber Good for Healthy Diet?

Tomatoes fiber helps to reduce the risk of free ridicules. Tomatoes comprise a large amount of antioxidant, Vitamin-C, beta-carotene etc. it has two types of fiber such as soluble and insoluble fiber. The performance of those two types of fiber are mentioned below.

Tomato Sauce

Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber comes from the inner part of tomatoes. These act as a digestive tract in your body. High sugar creates high blood presser. It has slow sugar absorption quality which remains the blood pressure stable.

Insoluble Fiber

You can find insoluble fiber from the skin of Tomato as well as the seeds of Tomato. Insoluble fiber is very helpful to boost your stools. Insoluble fiber lessens the chance of having hemorrhoids as well as reduce the risk of increasing diverticulitis.

If you want to become healthier, you will take more calories than the standard one. The standard level of calories taking level is 2300 calories per day. You should take extra 200 calories for becoming wealthier.

Others Obtained Nutrition from Tomato


Daily requirements- 4.7 grams per day

Explanation: Your daily necessity of vitamin-c is 4.7 grams. In per 100-gram tomatoes, you can find 19-gram vitamin-c which meets your daily needs. So make your daily meal chart with tomatoes.


Daily requirements- 0.075 grams per day

Explanation: One large size tomatoes contain 1-gram Vitamin-K which meets your daily needs of Vitamin-K. So one large size tomato can able to fill up your daily requirement


Daily requirements- 25 grams per day

Explanation: One grape tomato contains 1-gram fiber which helps you to take your daily needs. 25 grape tomato fill-up your fiber needs appropriately. So make your meal schedule with a grape tomato.


Daily requirements- 2250 calories per day

Explanation: Calories should take according to age and gender. Female needs fewer calories than a male person. An adult age female needs 2000 calories on the other hand male needs 2500 calories. Fourteen to eighteen age children need 1800 calories. Also, fifty plus age person needs fewer calories than an adult person. One carry tomatoes serve 5 calories. So cherry tomatoes are the best sources for taking enough calories. you can take one cup carry tomatoes juice which provides 35 calories.



Daily requirements- 50 grams per day

Explanation: 100-gram tomato contains 0.9-grams protein. Tomato can able to meets your everyday needed nutrition. According to provide protein broccoli is the best. When didn't I know about broccoli nutrition fact then my trainer said me that do you know how much protein in broccoli? and after that, I knew about the protein factory.


Daily requirements- 1 gram per day

Explanation: you need 1-gram calcium daily which may find in 10 tomatoes.

Overal Benefits of Tomato

Already we have known that how many carbs in tomatoes. You also knew other nutrition with the carb. Now you will know the benefits of tomato. Tomato juice is the best source of vitamin, mineral, fiber, protein, potassium, and lycopene etc. As you can see, the many health benefits of tomatoes, their high nutritional value, and their low-calorie content help you improve your health and produce the protein to lose weight. Lycopene in tomato juice helps you to control dangerous diseases. 

Tomato Recipe

It reduces the risk of cancer. Lycopene increases colorectal adenomas which reduce the chance of colorectal cancer. Tomato contains a large amount of fiber which helps you to keep your colon health. Tomato is the best sources of lycopene and flavonoids. Lycopene helps you to encourage prostate health. It reduces the chance of prostate cancer. Science research shows that man consuming a large amount of lycopene reduce 40% chance of pancreatic cancer. So you should take a large amount of lycopene from tomato.

Tomato juices have lower cholesterol. Raw Tomato juices reduce the high cholesterol level in your body.

Tomato potassium, niacin, folate etc. Homocysteine directly damages the heart health. Tomato recovers homocysteine. Grape tomatoes carry huge lycopene which develops cardiovascular health.  Blood may spoil much when people face any injury, in this time tomatoes nitration prevent blood clotting. Free radicals damage our body where tomatoes juice reduce inflammation.

It is assumed that milk or other dairy foods are the best options for bone health. Tomato is the best option for developing bone health. If you want to make your skin smooth, you will drink Tomato juices at two times per day. It smooths your skin and builds better muscles. Vitamin-K boosts your eye as well as hair color. Hair becomes stronger when you start drinking tomato juices every day.

What dose serve tomato?

Tomatoes provide 25% nutrition of your daily requirements. It has various types of nutrition. One medium-sized tomato contain 17 calories, 0.2-gram fat, 0.02-gram potassium, 1.1-gram fiber, 0.8-gram protein, and 3500-milligram carbs. Tomatoes also contain a lot of Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C, and folate. Free radicals damage human body macules. Tomatoes Lycopene protects the body from free radicals. It acts as an anti-inflammatory fact for the human body. Tomatoes nutrition fact acts on other types of vegetable performances. Tomatoes contain low cholesterol which keeps the body presser constant. You can take much nutrition at a lower rate from tomatoes. So eat a lot of tomatoes as a great source of nutrition.

Tomato with Plant

Vitamins in Tomato

Tomato has various types of vitamin which help you to protect from various types of diseases. Tomato has a large amount of vitamin-c and vitamin-k. Vitamin-c is very helpful for preventing blood presser. Tomato serves 21% Vitamin-C of yours daily requirements. So it is important to know what amount of vitamins in tomato has for taking daily minimum needs. It also builds body muscles, take care of your brain, blood presser etc. Tomato's vitamins are shown below.

ProteName of Vitamins

Quantity (milligram)

Vitamin A

.5 mg

Vitamin C

19 mg

Vitamin D

1.03 mg

Vitamin E

11.9 mcg

Vitamin K

0.2 mg


22.2 mcg

9.9 mg


0.1 mg





Pantothenic Acid



0.12 mg


Tomatoes are very favorite fruits of nutrition, carbs, as well as calories. It is an exceptional source of various types of vitamin and minerals. You entered the article clicking on "how many carbs in tomatoes" but I hope got more nutritional tips in the content. Tomatoes help you to tackle various diseases. Tomato antioxidants reduce free radicles from the human body. Studies have shown that Tomato contains much potassium which keeps the blood presser continual. Vitamin-C on Tomato clear heart problems. It is very important to know what amount of nutrition should take regularly. So studies about Tomato is very important for all. Tomatoes folic acid protects kidney stones from dangerous bacteria protection. Tomatoes folic acid also protect pregnancy problems against the neural tube. Overall Tomatoes is helpful for eye health, skin and human brain.

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