How Much Protein in Broccoli? Why Broccoli Best Nutrition Source?

Vegetables are the best sources of calories, protein, minerals, fiber, carb, vitamin etc. Broccoli is a type of common vegetables that distribute huge nutritions sources. To make healthy life, Dietary Reference Intake suggests us to take 0.8 grams protein per kg or 0.36 grams per pound of body weight daily. Maybe we know 100 grams broccoli serves 4200mg protein. Broccoli is not the only source of protein, calorie, fiber. It is the best sources of potassium, calcium, vitamin-A, Vitamin-K, iron etc. It keeps your blood pressure stable, smooth skin, reduces heart problem, build muscles and build immune system in your body.

How Much Protein in Broccoli

So If we know that how much protein in broccoli? then we can understand easily how much protein getting from broccoli. Broccoli is an important food item for developing a good body fitness. Protein in broccoli fixes your inside problem like a robot. Broccoli is one types of edible green plant which is used as a vegetable meal.


Broccoli comprises much protein than other types of vegetables. If you consume protein of broccoli as your meal schedule, you will be able to control many fatal diseases. It is the main food round in Japan, Italy, India.

How Much Protein Carry Broccoli?

You can take broccoli in your breakfast a well as launch time. Broccoli calories may be great food items in your working time as well as dinner time. Broccoli nutrition facts confirm more energy for doing our task accurately. Broccoli's protein helps us to maintain body tri-motor which keeps your blood presser constant. Protein also helps you to take healthy diet regularly. So, it very needs to know how much protein in broccoli? because you need to make a healthy diet plan. The researcher observed that most of the nutrition found from broccoli. Increase your nutrition with broccoli for developing your body muscles as like of protein powder to gain weight. It is an attractive tree for vegetable foods. Broccoli also contains manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. The protein amount of broccoli is given below according to their types.

Protein Amount in Broccoli According to Types

Per 100 gram top sirloin

29000 milligram

Per 100 gram Broccoli

4200 milligram

Per 100-gram Sestak Broccoli

3000 milligram


Protein in Green Broccoli

One cup chopped

1280 milligram

Half cup chopped

2580 milligram

One spear

870 milligram

One Oz

800 milligram

Protein in Cooked Broccoli

1 cup shopped

5690 mg

1 cup cold Broccoli

3010 mg

1 package

7800 mg

Protein Amount in Other Type of Broccoli Foods

Broccoli green meal

3200 mg

Broccoli soup

8120 mg

Broccoli salad

9520 mg

Broccoli with sugar

12030  mg

Broccoli with cold cream

7750 mg

Broccoli with mushroom

5860 mg

Broccoli with chocolate

9540 mg

Why Should you Take more Broccoli?

As much as we knew how much protein in broccoli so now we can make a protein plan. There are many types of broccoli such as Calabrese broccoli, Sprouting broccoli, Romanesco broccoli etc. It is found in India, Japan, Spain, Italy etc. country. All over the world, broccoli is producing more than 22.3 million.  Broccoli contains much Protein, Calorie, Carb, Fiber, Vitamin and many things. Per 100-grams Broccoli provides 3-grams protein, 140-kilo Jul force, 1.9 grams sugar, 40-grams fat. Studies find that it is the best sources of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, as well as many others types of vitamins. All nutrition finds from broccoli may help you to take a healthy diet. Broccoli tackle blood pressure, brain cancer, skin problem, sugar-free diet, build muscles, protect from dangerous bacteria.

Broccoli Benefits

Broccoli Nutrition

It has various types of nutrition facts. Scientist observe that most of the nutrition is found from broccoli. Various types of broccoli contain different nutrition amount. The researcher studies 100-gram broccoli; they get the following amount of nutrition. If you consume 100-grams broccoli, you will find 2800mg proteins, 34 calories, 2500-grams fiber etc. It is the nearest value of the daily requirements. Broccoli nutritional value differs for different types of broccoli foods types. 100-grams broccoli distributes 11 present of fiber per day needs. The broccoli nutrition facts chart has shown beneath.

Per 100-gram Broccoli Contains

Nutation types

Quantity of nutrition

Percentage of daily values  








400 mg



1700 mg



34 mg



2600 mg



625 IU



0.9 mg



0.8 mg



47 mg



315 mg


How Many Calories in Broccoli?

Different types of broccoli foods contain a different sum of calories. you should recognize what number of calories you should eat for taking a healthy diet. So, it is important to determine that quantity of calories in different types of broccoli foods. One cup broccoli shop contains 55 calories. If you receive daily 5-6 cup broccoli shop, you will able to take more than 300 calories daily from broccoli. Hence calories in broccoli are essential foods for us. Calorie volume in various kinds of foods is mentioned below.

Types of Broccoli foods

Amount of calories

1 cup steamed

24 calories

1 cup shopped

54.7 calories

1 cup cooked Broccoli

45 calories

Boiled Broccoli

55 calories

1 pieces cold bread

70 calories

One cup 9 gram Broccoli

31 calories

Broccoli Roast

How Much fiber in Broccoli?

Broccoli contains a large amount of fiber. One cup chopped Broccoli contains more than 5-gram fiber. Fiber can help you to keep a healthy body. Studies found that 78% people relief from chronic constipation for eating more fiber. So, it is important to know how much fiber in Broccoli contains. Two type of fiber such as soluble fiber and insoluble fiber help you promote an immune system in your body. Fiber also protects your body from various dangerous bacteria. If you eat broccoli regularly, you can able to minimize blood sugar. Fiber contains weight loser component called galactomannan which helps you to lose your body weight quickly. So, know about fiber amount in Broccoli for taking the appropriate amount of fiber.

Types of Broccoli foods 

Fiber amount 

One cup chopped

5010 mg

Frozen Broccoli

8500 mg

Chinese Broccoli

2200 mg

Broccoli spears

1000 mg

Green Broccoli

1000 mg

Kroger frozen Broccoli

0 mg

Fresh Broccoli

2600 mg

How many Carbs of Broccoli?

Broccoli is a great source of carbs. Sometimes broccoli carbs help the human body to create extra energy. It maintains your body weight. From one medium-size stalk of boiled broccoli, you can take 12 grams of carbs. Different types of broccoli foods contain different amount of carbs. The number of carbs according to the broccoli types are shown below.

The different quantity of Broccoli  

Broccoli Carbs amount

20 gram raw Broccoli

11 g

1 cup raw diced Broccoli

6 g

Half cup diced Broccoli

3 g

14 gram cooked Broccoli

1 g

1 cup cooked chopped Broccoli

12 g

Half cup chopped Broccoli

6 g

1 stalk of cooked Broccoli

18 g

Benefits of Broccoli

  • Prevent Cancer- Cruciferous vegetables are very effective for cancer diseases. Calories of Broccoli reduces the chance of colon cancer. Broccoli comprises a lot of vitamin, folate which lessens the risk of breast cancer in the female group. Broccoli also contains a powerful antioxidant name indole-3, acts as an antidote for cancer.
  • Reduce the Amount of Cholesterol- Broccoli fiber reduces cholesterol from the human body. So, it is very helpful for you to remove extra cholesterol.
  • Reducing Inflammation- It is known to all omega 3 fatty acid acts as an anti-inflammation. Broccoli compresses a large amount of omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation from a human body. Hence, you should eat Broccoli for defending inflammation.
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    Develop Powerful Antioxidants- Vitamin-C develops the powerful antioxidant in the human body. We know that Broccoli has a huge amount of Vitamin-C. Broccoli produces beta-carotene and other types of strong antioxidants.
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    Prevent Heart Problem- Broccoli has an anti-inflammation property which prevents heart problem from high presser. Harmful bacteria damage the powerful vessel linings.
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    Diet Aid- High level of fiber aids to prevent constipation, maintain sugar, contestant blood presser etc. Broccoli is very important as healthy foods to consume.
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    Become Younger Long Time- For Broccoli nutrition, you look like younger for a long time. Broccoli Vitamin-C develops skin color, hair color, build muscles. You can take care of your body from sun, pollution or other types of damage.
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    Improving Bone Condition- Vitamin-K and calcium are very important for bone health. Also, Broccoli prevents osteoporosis.

Is Broccoli Good for Health?

Yes, Broccoli is good for health. Broccoli contains calcium, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and vitamin-C, that very essential for the human body. Calcium in broccoli builds strong muscles. Vitamin-C in broccoli makes a smooth skin, increases the brightness of hair, deletes harmful bacteria from the body. High level of fiber in Broccoli protect you from chronic diseases. The fiber in Broccoli improves insulin sensitivity. If you want to cut your body weight, you will take more fiber regularly.  Broccoli vegetables help you to prevent diabetes problem. Today many people die from coronary heart diseases. Fiber can lessen the chance of stroke. So, take a maximum level of broccoli to protect your body from various diseases. Vegetables can able to reduce the death rate. Broccoli is one types of vegetables so it might be beneficiary for you. So, we should know how much calories in broccoli based on several types.

Daily Requirements of Nutrition Facts for Taking Good Health


Daily Requirements- 8700 kilojoules

Benefits- 1 cup cooked broccoli contains more than 100 kilojoules energy. Energy boost mental condition when you taking some hard task.


Daily requirements- 2250 calories

Benefits- Per 100-gram Broccoli has 34 calories which can able to cover the daily requirements. Calories help to take a healthy life.


Daily requirements- 55 grams

Benefits- 100-gram Broccoli contains 2.8 grams’ protein. Here Broccoli helps you to take your daily wants of protein. Take Broccoli at least three times in a day that covers half of your protein requirements.


Daily requirements- 65 grams

Benefits- One cup cooked chopped Broccoli has 12-grams carbs. Carbs produce a high level of powerful fiber. Fiber is powerful elements for preventing dangerous diseases.

  Dietary Fiber

Daily requirements- 30 grams

Benefits- Dietary fiber is essential for preventing cancer as well as keep blood presser persistent.


Daily requirements- 2300 milligrams

Benefits- in 100-gram Broccoli contains 34-gram sodium which builds a strong body.


Daily requirements- 90 grams

Benefits- 100-gram Broccoli serves 1% of daily requirements of sugar. Sugar keeps the body water fresh and prevents blood presser diseases.

Why should You be Eating more Broccoli?

You should eat more broccoli because it is helpful for health. The first reason is that it is good for your skin. Broccoli contains a large amount of vitamin-C which smooth skin as well as increase hair brightness. The second reason is broccoli help to prevent many types of cancer. Broccoli also helps you to restoration the damage triggered by smoking. It delivers a huge amount of calcium which strengthens your bone health. Broccoli prevents you from a heart attack, strokes, blood presser etc. So, you should eat more broccoli for taking healthy life. Adding more broccoli with vegetables is fantastic for your health. Broccoli serves a little portion of vitamin-A which is very helpful for your eye. For being a healthy life, you must take more calories, Protein carbs and so one in broccoli regularly.


Plan your Daily Meals with Broccoli

For taking a healthy life, you will make your meal plan with Broccoli. You first differentiate your whole day with four parts such as breakfast, pre-working time, lunch, dinner time. Make your meal schedule by following this time.


In your breakfast time, take minimum 100-gram Broccoli. It serves 34 calories, 2.8-gram protein, 1-gram iron, 47-gram calcium, 2.6-gram fiber etc. The above amount reduces your daily nutrition needs.


Take at least 200-gram broccoli before starting your job. It boosts your instant memory for taking hard work.


When you reach your launch time, take at least 500-gram broccoli. From 500-gram Broccoli you may find 10-grams protein, 1-gram potassium, 3.6-gram vitamin-c, and 120-gram sodium. It is good to cover your daily nutrition from lunch.


You can take at least 250-gram Broccoli in the dinner time. It assistance you to take a sweet dream, refresh your mental condition, decrease your body weight etc. Broccoli helps to develop an Immune system in your body.

How to Freeze Broccoli?

You know that fresh broccoli contains much nutrition than other types of fruits. It is very easy to preserve broccoli than other types of fruits. The four ways of preservation of broccoli are boiled, freezing, roasted, and casserole. The four types of method are discussed below. In the first stage of freezing, you remove the damaged part of broccoli. Then you boil broccoli into warm water through half an hour. Then remove the steamer and out the broccoli into ice water. You keep Broccoli calories into a fresh packet for freezing. The second method of preservation of broccoli is a quick boiling frozen method. It is also known as a cooking method. The third method of preservation of broccoli is roasting ways. Here you should warm broccoli in 218 degrees calculus. By following the above method, you can preserve broccoli from damage.


Finally, we can say that broccoli is an essential part of our daily meals. If you want to become healthy life, you will take many proteins, calories, fiber, nutrition regularly. Broccoli serves a large amount of portion and calories according to your regular requirements. Broccoli is such types of foods which serve all types of nutrition for your fitness. Wishing, you got the point that how much protein in broccoli? and with the result make a broccoli routine. Studies show that in Italy number of cancer diseases patients are lower because Italian people take much broccoli. Broccoli can able to boost your memory by working rigid task. So, make meal schedule with broccoli for taking a fitness body.

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